OneDrive Update Brings Much Improved Sorting Options

Microsoft has pushed an update out for the OneDrive app for Android and it has some great new features.  The banner update is the improved sorting options.  Previously you had basically one sort option which was alphabetical.  Now you have a slew of sorting options available to make finding that file much easier and faster.  The new sorting options include:

  • A-Z
  • Z-A
  • Newest files or folders
  • Oldest files or folders
  • Largest files or folders
  • Smallest files or folders

It is likely that if you have a lot of files in OneDrive that the newest file sort option will be the most appreciated as you can find all those files you were working on instead of having to hunt around for it.

In addition to the new sorting options, there are also new pencil and paintbrush options for you to use while editing files within the OneDrive app.  The app can natively open a lot of file types

OneDrive Sorting Options

OneDrive Sorting Options

including, as you would expect, Microsoft Office files.  You can edit those within it too and these new editing feature are there to allow you to mark up a file, save it then share it with others.  It’s a great way to make a quick comment on a file without having to open up say Word on your phone.

The update to OneDrive is in the Play Store now and for those of you who have it installed already, the OTA update should be coming to you over the course of the next few days.


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