OnePlus 3 Sees OxygenOS Update – But Not THAT Update (Yet)

OnePlus has begun rolling out OxygenOS 3.2.8 for the OnePlus 3 but before you get all excited, no, it’s not Nougat.  Not yet at least.  The update is a small one but does bring several improvements and fixes to the OP3, the company’s flagship device until a couple of weeks ago with then 3T was announced.  Still, OnePlus has remained committed to getting software updates out for both the 3 and the 3T and even though this update isn’t Nougat, that is expected before the end of the year.

So what’s in this update?  Quite a few nice changes and updates

According to the release notes, this update brings:

OnePlus 3

OnePlus 3

  • Added 1080P 60FPS video recording
  • Added emergency calling for India (Triple press of power button to trigger)
  • Optimization of Snapchat, fixed video calling and scrolling lags
  • Increased system stability
  • General bug fixes

If you have a OnePlus 3, you should see the OTA update come to your phone over the course of the next few days.  Once it does hit your phone, you’ll need to reboot for it to be applied.  This is a small update so the download on Wi-Fi shouldn’t take but a few minutes and the install itself will be quick as well – sub-15 minutes.


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