Pro Tip: Using Google Search with Your Camera

We all know how powerful Google search is on our devices.  Whether it is by voice or by typing in a search request in the Search bar or in Chrome, getting to information is quick and easy and makes finding out things on the go simple.  But did you know that you can also do a search via the camera built into your Android phone?  It is a feature that has been there since Marshmallow and for a while was limited to the Google Now launcher.  That has gone away and whether you are on a device using the Google camera app or not, it works.  In fact, I tested it out on three different launchers (Google Now, Nextbit Launcher, Action Launcher) and all three allow you to do this type of searching.  I’m assuming it works with any combination but if you find a launcher or camera app which it doesn’t work, let me know so I can update this post.

Right, so to get started is pretty simple.  Open up the camera app on your phone and point it at an object.  Now press and hold the Home button on the screen and it will bring up the now familiar in-app search results.  Here you will get information about the item you have in the frame and be able to see information about it on Google, Facebook, Twitter and the like.  This is the exact same

Google Search Results Using Your Camera

Google Search Results Using Your Camera

search option that you get when you are looking at a page in Chrome and want to search information within that page or any other app for that matter.

So where would this come in handy?  Think shopping.  You point your camera at an object you see in the grocery or a retailer and you can get more detailed information about that thing.  Or let’s say you are at the library and want to get more information about a book or author.  It’s actually really handy and a feature that many Android users don’t know is there.

Give it a try and see what you think.

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