Project Fi App Now Shows Per App Data Usage

The Project Fi app for subscribers has received a nice behind the scenes update that most users will find quite helpful.  Now you can see which apps have consumed the most data in your current billing cycle.  The good news is that no new app download is required.  So long as you are running the most current version you will see this new information within the app.

If you open up the app and then tap the View Details button, you will see the normal data usage bar chart as you have always seen.  Now you can scroll down however and see all the apps that have used data for your billing cycle.  If you have multiple phones or a

Project Fi Per App Data Usage

Project Fi Per App Data Usage

data SIM, tap on the device or SIM you are wanting the details for and you will see it per device.  Every app that has consumed data will be listed for you, even if it has only consumed a few hundred kilobits of data.  It is a nice touch and while it doesn’t get any more granular by tapping the apps, you can at least see what activities you have going on that are consuming your data plan.

This new feature is closely tied with the recently announced share plan (think Family plan) which allows you to manage and allocate data per users.  As a single users, you get the benefits of this extra bit of information.

If you are a Project Fi users, check it out and you may find some interesting insights into your data usage behavior.

Not sure what Project Fi is exactly?  Check out my review of it as well as my six month follow up for more details on how it works.  I’m a big fan of Fi and highly recommend giving it a try if you are tired of paying big bucks to the traditional carriers out there.

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