WhatsApp Adds Video Calling Functionality

Joining the ranks of Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Skype and Google Hangouts, WhatsApp has finally added video calling to the popular messaging app.  The update comes after several weeks in beta testing and the service will be using parent company Facebook’s data centers for the video calling functionality.  The updated version of the Android and iOS app will be rolling out over the course of the next few days.

In order for video calls to work, both parties in the call will have to be running the latest version of the app so it make take a few days for all of your contacts to get the update – thus being able to make video calls.

For users globally who are highly dependent on WhatsApp, the update with video support is certainly welcome.  It will mean that no longer will users have to go to other apps and services for those

WhatsApp for Android

WhatsApp for Android

video call.  That means you’ll be able to keep all your conversations, calls and video calls all in one app.

The use of Facebook’s servers will cause some users to pause undoubtedly, especially considering the murky relationship of sharing data between the company and the parent company.  Still, as was stated in a report from Reuters, without using those servers it would be extremely difficult for WhatsApp to roll out video.

Look for the update to hit your phone in the coming days.

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