Google On App Rebranded Google Wifi

As expected, Google has gone through a rebranding exercise on the Google On app.  With the introduction of Google Wi-Fi in October, and now with that product shipping, the question wasn’t if the Google On app would change but rather would that change be a completely new app or, worse, a separate app.  Thankfully no.  Google Wifi is the name of the Google On app now, allowing you to control your entire Wi-Fi network, including your Google OnHub and Google Wi-Fi products.  The update is rolling out into the Play Store now and if you have Google On installed, you should see the update hit your devices over the course of the next 2-3 days.

At first glance, the UI for Google Wifi doesn’t look all that different than the previous one from Google On.  However, there are a lot of changes including the three tab navigation at the top of the app which gives you information, your network information and shortcuts to quick tidbits of information respectively.

The information tab gives you news about your network including any software updates that were pushed down to your devices, any network configuration issues and the like.  This information was

Google wifi for Android

Google wifi for Android

in the old On app but it wasn’t as cleanly laid out or easy to find as it is in the new Google Wifi app.  The Network tab gives you the familiar network layout of your Wi-Fi network including your Google Wi-Fi and Google OnHub devices.  Tapping on your main Access Point, in my case an OnHub, you get the name of your Access Point and information on how to add more APs to make your network coverage better.  If you tap on the connected devices, you can see which devices are using your network, how much they have used the network and give them priority over other devices.

Finally, the new Shortcuts & Settings tab is very handy.  here with a single tap you can do a network check, give priority to devices, control Family Wi-Fi access and view your list of home control devices.  Now you don’t have to go hunt around in the app to find settings or make adjustments.

If you have purchased Google Wi-Fi and are waiting to receive it, go ahead and download the app now as you will need it in the setup process.  If you have an OnHub, you should get the app update soon.


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