Google Contacts Update Brings Round Icon and Suggestions Page

There is an update to Google Contacts that is rolling out in the Google Play Store that sports a new round icon and a new Suggestions page for easier contacts management.  The update is version 1.6 for those keeping score at home and the first thing you will likely notice with the update is the new round icon.  This follows other Google apps that have gone with the Pixelesque round icons such as Hangouts and Messenger.  This new round icon, like Messenger, shows up regardless of which launcher or icon pack you have installed on your Android phone.

The second thing you will see is on the menu of the Google Contacts app:  Suggestions.  Essentially this is a rebranded Find Duplicates area of the app.  Finding duplicates has been a feature that

Google Contacts Suggestions

Google Contacts Suggestions

Contacts has had for the past several releases.  This new Suggestions feature shows you any duplicate contacts (or potential duplicates) you have on your phone and allows you to easily merge them with one touch.

The update to the app is currently rolling out in the Google Play Store and should hit everyone’s devices over the course of the next few days.  If you haven’t tried out the app lately, it is free and has certainly matured since its release.

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