Snapseed Update Improves Face Filters and Other Tool Tweaks

Snapseed has an update rolling out for both Android and iOS that brings several tweaks and improvements to the popular photo editing app.  The update, version 2.14 for those keeping score at home, refines the Face filter which was introduced a couple of releases ago, making it smoother and giving users a bit more control over how it is applied.  The Face filter is a powerful feature of the app and the new tweaks to it are excellent based on my testing this morning.

For Android users, the Perspective tool brings back the horizontal and vertical adjustment modes.  These went away a few revs ago and many users (Clinton raises his hand) asked for it back as it was a super handy tool.  Google, who owns Snapseed, listened and it has returned.

Android users will also benefit from another new feature in this update.  You can now choose the folder you want for exporting a photo.  This means that you could store it on a SD card in your phone

Snapseed Text Editing

Snapseed Text Editing

or tablet or in another folder if your choice.  This is very helpful for those who have low storage devices and want to maximize the use of the SD card in their phone.  To change this, go to Exports in the Settings menu.

The update is rolling out now in the Play Store and it will be a day or two before everyone has the OTA update.  If you haven’t tried Snapseed, it is a free download in the store and it is one of the better yet easy-to-use photo editing apps available.  Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

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