Google Contacts Preview for Web Goes Live

Google Contacts for the web has a new preview mode available that gives you a chance to try out the upcoming redesign of the site.  The option to view the new look is available in the menu pane when you navigate to  Just click on the preview link and you will be taken to the new look.  For those of you who use Google Contacts on your Android devices, this is going to look very familiar.

Gone is the spreadsheet-like list of contacts and it is replaced with a new Material Design with round avatars for your contacts.  This looks identical to the Android app and functionally, is the same.

Google is not afraid to roll out these types of previews to get user feedback.  They have done it in the past with Google+ and Google Hangouts on the web and it gives you a chance to see where they

Google Contacts Preview for Web

Google Contacts Preview for Web

are going with the web presence of their services.  To be fair, contact lists and apps aren’t exactly exciting but rather utilitarian.  Still, it is good to see the company pushing Material Design out when they can both on their apps and on the web.  This new preview is quite easy on the eyes.

If you use Google Contacts as your contacts repository, check out the preview and see what you think.

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