Google Translate Update Adds Instant Japanese Translating

Google Translate has an update rolling out for Android that brings instant translation to and from Japanese to English.  Now you can point your phone’s camera to a book, sign or other text in English and it will instantly translate it to Japanese on your phone or vise versa.  It brings the total number of instant translation languages to 30 in the app of the 103 languages available.

Instant translations come into play best when you are in a country with a supported language and need help with signs as you navigate around a city.  Depending on the country, like Japan where the dialect is vastly different than English, that can be challenging which is where Google Translate really shines.

Like other languages – instant translation compatible or not – you will need to download the language into Translate in order to use it.  Each of the languages range from 20-40MB in size.  If you are

Google Translate Instant Japanese Translation

Google Translate Instant Japanese Translation

going to a foreign land, you can download that language to your phone, use it on your trip and then delete it later.  Downloading them allows you to do translations offline so you aren’t consuming data as you travel.

Google Translate is a free app and available in the Play Store.  If you need help translating written or spoken languages at home or abroad, give it a serious look.  It has saved me more than once as I’ve traveled the world.


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