Microsoft Updates Arrow Launcher with Performance Improvements

Microsoft has pushed an update out for their Android phone launcher, Arrow Launcher.  The update to the launcher doesn’t bring a lot of new features but focuses on performance improvements and bug fixes.  In my How To Microsoft your Android Phone article, I pointed out that Arrow Launcher is a great launcher alternative for those of you who are heavy into the Microsoft ecosystem.  It allows easy access to recent files and contacts, your apps and photos.  Even if you aren’t a heavy Microsoft user, check it out.  It’s pretty good and continues to improve.

This updated version of Arrow Launcher, version 2.9.1 for those keeping score, brings a couple of changes.  First, Bing wallpaper is now an icon on your home page.  You can tap that icon to change your wallpaper instead of having to dive into settings on your phone.

Perhaps the bigger and more important element of this update are the bug and crash fixes.  Microsoft indicated in the release notes that there were “too many to list – but we promise that Arrow is

Microsoft Arrow Launcher

Microsoft Arrow Launcher

now faster than ever.”  While the specifics of what was addressed is not in the notes, having received the update this morning, I will say that transitions between pages and opening of apps does seem to be improved.

Arrow Launcher is a free app and available in the Play Store.  If you have it installed already, the OTA for this update should be hitting your phone over the course of the next few days.


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