Nvidia Shield Gets Android Nougat Update and Many Other Updates

Nvidia has started pushing out the Shield Experience 5.0 update to the Nvidia Shield TV and it is massive.  While the headline will be that the streaming TV platform as been upgraded to Android Nougat, there are a huge number of new features and improvements in the update.  The first big enhancement is Amazon video integration.  Now if you have a Amazon video account (via Amazon Prime) you can stream that content from the Shield thanks to the built-in app.  The streaming from Amazon is also in 4K HDR.

The new Games app that comes with this update allows you to find compatible games for your Shield.  It gives you listings of games that are available and allows you to download them. Once they are installed, they show up as a single row within the Games apps so you can easily find them.

GameStream, the online streaming game service with the Nvidia Shield has also been updated.  The graphics performance has been dramatically updated with 4K HDR support and low-latency

Nvidia Shield

Nvidia Shield

streaming improvements.

Nest integration has also come to the Shield, allowing you to stream the video from your Next cameras to your television.  You will also find additional new apps like the NFL Network, Comedy Central, Vimeo, and Twitter in this update which will allow you to stream that content to your TV too.

All-in-all, this is a big update.  It is slow rolling however and it could be several days if not a week or two before you see it hit your device.  Once it does, you are going to have a lot of new things to try.  To read the full release notes for the update, head over to the Nvidia Shield support page.

If you are looking for an Nvidia Shield TV, you can pick one up for as low as $199.

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