SanDisk Announces 256GB MicroSD with A1 Support

At CES 2017, SanDisk has announced an all new 256GB MicroSD card specifically aimed at mobile devices.  The new card supports Application Performance Class 1, or A1 for short, a new standard in the industry for storage cards.  This new standard means that this card is fast enough to run applications directly from them, not just be a storage facility for photos and videos.  The challenge with MicroSD cards in mobiles is that they are often too slow on the read/write to be able to run an application.  This new card from SanDisk solves that, with a read speed of 95MB/sec and the ability to handle up to 1500 random read input-output access per second and 500 write input-output access per second.  All this technical information simply says that this card is blazing fast and can run applications in real time with no problem.

Indeed the bigger problem for most could well be the price point of this new card from SanDisk.  It will be available this month at a cost of $199.99.  To be fair though, that’s only $15 more than the

SanDisk Ultra 256GB A1 MicroSD Card

SanDisk Ultra 256GB A1 MicroSD Card

non-A1 card currently on Amazon.  So for that extra money you get a card that you know will run your apps too.  Still, it is inevitable that lower storage size A1 class cards will be hitting the market so if you can wait and don’t need a massive amount of storage, patience is your friend.

You can read the full Press Release from SanDisk on this new card and get all the technical bits.



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