Starbucks Finally Brings Favorite Drink Saving Feature

The Starbucks app for Android has an update rolling out that brings a long desired feature:  The ability to create and save your favorite drinks.  The feature is aimed at those who use the ordering feature in the app as it allows you to, with one tap, order your favorite drink then go to your local Starbucks and pick it up.  The ability to order within the Starbucks app has been there a while but every time you used it, you had to create your drink, even if you are a creature of habit and order the same thing every time.

To use the new feature, go to the Order section of the app.  It will find the Starbucks location closest to you and present you a menu of the food and drinks that are available at that location.  Build your favorite drink using the drink menu and once you have created your masterpiece, tap the heart icon to save it.  The next time you order, you can go to the Favorites tab and your drink will be there and ready to order with a tap of the Floating Action Button.

The only challenge will be if you favorite a seasonal drink like the Pumpkin Spice Latte as it won’t be available all the time or from every Starbucks location.

Starbucks Favorite Drinks

Starbucks Favorite Drinks

Otherwise, you should find the feature saves you the task of building that quad-shot, non-fat Vanilla Latte with no foam.  Not that I order that a lot or anything.

If you have the Starbucks app on your phone, the update should be hitting you over the course of the next few days.  Remember, in order to use the app and to save your favorite, you must have an account and it be tied to a Starbucks card and credit card.

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