T-Mobile To Offer Only Their ONE Plan Starting January 22

T-Mobile has announced a pretty significant change to their consumer offerings starting January 22nd.  On that Monday, the US carrier will only offer their ONE plan.  That’s it.  Literally one plan.  They have also made some pretty major teaks to the plan which will get consumers attention.  First, all of the taxes, fees and charges are included in the advertised price.  So if you have one line for $70 on the plan, you pay $70.  It includes all the additional fees.  If you have a four line ONE account, you pay $160 per month ($40 per line) and that’s it.  It is a nice departure from other carriers where the base price of the package isn’t necessarily what it costs you each month.

What’s also interesting is the new “kickback” that T-Mobile is offering.  If you use less than 2GB of data in a month, the carrier will credit you $10 on your next bill.  This is for every line on your account too, not just the master number.  This is strikingly similar to how Project Fi handles unused data.

T-Mobile has always prided itself in being a disruptor in the mobile carrier space, taking on the moniker of the “uncarrier”.  This change to the ONE plan will likely do it again and frankly, it’s pretty

T-Mobile ONE

T-Mobile ONE

attractive.  If you are already a T-Mobile customer, you can convert your account over to the plan.

To get more details on the offer and how it impacts you if you are a current customer, head over to the T-Mobile ONE site.

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