Google 2-Factor Authentication on Phones Gets More Detailed

Last Summer, Google started allowing users who have 2-factor authentication enabled to get notified and approve account access via a pop-up on their phone.  The feature is deadly handy as it saves a lot of time over having to go over the Google Authenticator app and type in a six digit timed code.  To this point, that pop-up provided basically a yes or no option but didn’t really give you any details other than someone was trying to sign into your account.  That’s changing for the better as Google rolls out an update behind the scenes to improve the details you get when an authorization request is made.

First, if you don’t have 2-factor authentication enabled on your Google account, you can do that by going to  Navigate to Sign in Options and enable it.  After that, you can add your phone to your account as being a device from which you can give authorizations in addition to the Google Authenticator app.  Once you have it enabled, when you try to sign in from another device with your Google account, you will get a prompt on your phone to approve it.

When you get this update to your account, instead of just a yes or no button, you will have a lot more granular details around the request.  This will include the time of the request, the location and

Google Two Factor Phone Prompt Improvements

Google Two Factor Phone Prompt Improvements

the type of device requesting access.  If you are the one requesting access, just tap the Yes button.  If it isn’t you, tap the No, it isn’t me button and access to your account will be denied.  All of this is aimed to give you more information about access requests, especially if you get some from across the country.  It is designed to give you more details and better clues should someone try to hack your account.

The update is rolling out now so it may be a few days before you get it.   Oh, and for those of you who haven’t enabled 2-Factor, please do so for your own online account safety.  Not just your Google account but every account you have online.

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