Google+ Quietly Removes Menu Link to Google Spaces

In the latest update to the Google+ app for Android, Google has quietly removed the menu link to Google Spaces.  It could be the first indicator that the carcass of yet another social networking attempt by Google is about to be thrown on the pile.  And frankly, it wouldn’t be all that shocking.  The change can be found in the 9.6.0 build of Google+ for Android and if you open up the menu using the hamburger menu or a swipe from the left side of your screen, you’ll see that there is no link to Spaces.

The idea behind Spaces was never fully articulated.  It was somewhat like Circles in the original Google+ but it was also aimed to allow you to create a “space”, invite friends so that you could discuss the space’s defined topic.  You could also share videos, images, texts and other media.  In theory, a pretty cool idea but Spaces never really took off.

Spaces was launched in May of last year so if it is indeed facing the execution squad, it would be a pretty short lived project, even by Google standards.  But, and I want to be clear here, Google has

Google+ With Link to Spaces Removed

Google+ With Link to Spaces Removed

not given any indication that the service is going away.  I’m simply speculating based on previous history.  Seeing something removed from one Google service like Google+, it is similar to the management saying they have complete trust in the coach.  Only to fire him two weeks later (sorry Leicester City fans).

So if you are a big Google Spaces user…. yeah, you may want to start preparing yourself.

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