Android Pay Expands Further into Europe via Belgium

The continued advancement of Android Pay support in Europe took another step today, adding support for Belgium.  Belgians become the 10th country to have the tap-to-pay service available, with it being a pay option in some 85,000 retail locations throughout the country.  It is also backed by key banks within the country with support for MasterCard and Visa.

As readers probably know by now, using Android Pay requires that you have a phone running Android KitKat or later and have a phone with NFC support.  Once you arrive at a retailer who accepts the service, just tap your phone to the pay terminal to complete your transaction.

Also, as a reminder, if you see a retailer who advertises that they accept Apple Pay, they accept Android Pay too.  The technology that is behind both tap-to-pay

Android Pay

Android Pay

platforms is the same.  Apple Pay, for reference, has been in Belgium since late 2015.

The expansion of the service is nothing but good news for users who will now have a safe and secure option to complete transactions without ever having to remove their wallet from their pocket or handbag.

For more details on the service in general, head over to this page.  There you will find all the information on the service, how it works, and the financial institutions that support it.


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