Google Play Newsstand Now Supports App Shortcuts

App Shortcuts, the ability to tap-and-hold to get to specific parts of an app in Android Nougat 7.1, continues to grow and Google is catching up too.  The latest update to Google Play Newsstand now supports the shortcuts, allowing you to quickly get to your curated news, digest of news, Magazines and items you have marked for reading later.  Newsstand undergone a lot of changes in the past six months, most of which have been pretty good.  The big knock I had on the app was that in the redesign, getting to your magazine subscriptions became confusing and not-so-easy to figure out at first.  It’s still that way but with the shortcut now available, it makes it easier to get to them.

As readers probably know, in order for app shortcuts to work, you must be running Android Nougat 7.1 or higher.  That means it is almost completely for Pixel and Nexus devices as very few other devices from other manufactures have 7.1 as of yet.

To use the new shortcuts, just tap-and-hold the Google Play Newsstand icon on your phone or tablet.  This will pop up the four options which, when tapped, will

App Shortcuts in Google Play News

App Shortcuts in Google Play News

take you directly to that part of the app.  Like other shortcuts in other apps, you can tap-and-drag one of the menu options to your Home screen so you can quickly access that part of the app with one tap.

The rollout of the update that supports shortcuts is happening now and everyone should see it in the next few days if you have the app installed.

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