Google Sheets Update Brings Further Column Editing Features

Google Sheets for Android has a small update rolling out to users that brings more advanced editing features to the mobile app.  The update will bring the ability to apply and to edit alternating row colors to your spreadsheets.  This is a feature that the web-based version of Sheets has had for some time and is just the latest feature to be added to the mobile app in Google’s effort to bring parity to the web and mobile device.  This new formatting features if found in the Formatting menu of the app.

The last several updates to Google Sheets, as well as their other productivity apps, have been focused on the parity between the desktop and mobile versions of the app.  The company continues to enable more functionality on mobile so as to limit the requirement of having laptop to get things done.  It is all in the name of productivity and meeting users where they are – likely on their mobile phone.

While the parity between the desktop and mobile isn’t 100%, it is getting there and doing so quickly.

Google Sheets for Android

Google Sheets for Android

Along with the new formatting feature for columns, this update to Google Sheets has other bug fixes and performance improvements as well.  Its advised that readers get the update from the Play Store even if the new formatting feature isn’t a big draw for you.  It assures you are running the latest-and-greatest.

Look for the update to come to your phone via an OTA update over the course of the next few days.

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