Samsung to Produce 12.5m Galaxy S8 Variants By The End of April

With the announcement and launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 coming on March 29th, at the current rate of leaks, there will be little mystery left on new flagship from the Korean manufacture.  It seems daily there are leaked images, leaked component details and other tidbits.  But one interesting report has come from ETNews in Korea about the production levels of the new Galaxy S8 and S8+.  From the report, it is expected that Samsung will be producing in the neighborhood of 12.5m units in March and April to meet the expected demands when the phone goes on sale and pre-orders are filled at the end of April.  To put that into perspective, Samsung sold 10m units for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge last year with 20 days of release.  Samsung, it seems, wants to be prepared.

Breaking it down further, the 5.8″ Galaxy S8 will be 7.1 million according to ETNews while the larger 6.2″ S8+ will have around 5.4 million in available supplies at the time of release.

When the debacle of the Note7 happened in 2016, many questioned if Samsung would be able to weather that particular storm.  Based on their anticipated demand for their next flagship, it is

Leaked Images of the Samsung Galaxy S8

Leaked Images of the Samsung Galaxy S8

probably safe to say they pulled through just fine.  If Samsung is correct about their anticipated demand of the S8 lineup, it is going to be another solid year for the manufacture in 2017 regardless of what they do (or don’t do) about a Note device.

One further interesting note from the ETNews report.  Samsung Display is producing all of the displays for the Galaxy S8 lineup.  The displays are expected to be dual-edge on both devices (like the S7 Edge) and to assure that production needs are kept, Samsung is doing all of the production in house.  If you remember back to 2015, the Galaxy S6 ran into issues keeping up with demand because of the lack of displays.


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