Today’s Deal – iClever Travel Ready BoostCube 2-Port USB Charger for $9

Today over at Amazon, you can pick up a great deal on the iClever BoostCube dual port USB wall charger.  Right now you can pick on up for $8.99.  This charger, about the same size as the single charger for Apple’s iPad, sports two USB 2.4A ports and 24W of power to easily charge two devices at once.  It also has built-in LEDs in each port so you can find it in the dark and has iClever’s SmartID technology to charge your devices efficiently and quickly.

iClever recently redesigned this charger, aiming at squarely for those who travel.  The AC prongs now fold into the chassis of the charger itself, making it easy to pack and a bit more compact.  Performance wise, it is an excellent accessory whether it is for your home, office or traveling.  It can charge Android and iOS devices handily and with the SmartID technology, you don’t have to worry about over charging of your devices.

I have had the opportunity review several items from iClever and have never been disappointed.  In fact, I have this charger in house right now to review and without giving away the plot, I have no

iClever BoostCube 2-Port USB Charger

iClever BoostCube 2-Port USB Charger

problem recommending it.  Their products are solidly built and stand the test of wear and tear as I travel.

For more information or to order, head over to Amazon.  The BoostCube is eligible for Prime free shipping and there is no limit on the number you purchase.

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