AT&T and Sprint Release Nougat for The Galaxy S6 Lineup

Good news for those of you who have the Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge on either AT&T or Sprint.  Both carriers have released the Android Nougat update for the devices on their respective networks, following up after the general release of the update by Samsung last month.  Principally, the updates for both carriers are the same.  Both bring all of the features of Nougat to the devices and both updates also bring device specific UX updates too.

The updates, as expected, are hefty.  They weigh in at over a 1GB on both carriers, regardless of variant, so you will certainly want to make sure that you are connected to Wi-Fi when you download the update.  Once it is downloaded, expect the update to take 15-20 minutes on either of the 2015 flagship devices.  After a reboot, you will be on Nougat.  If you need a refresher on what Android Nougat will bring to your phone, check out my review from last year.

The update for the Galaxy S6 lineup follows up the general release of the Galaxy Note 5 Nougat update by carriers here in the United States.  With basically all premium Samsung devices from 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6

through today (the new Galaxy S8 will ship with Nougat too), there will likely be a significant bump in the Android Distribution report starting next month as users upgrade.

As you likely know, these big updates roll out in phases.  It could take several days before everyone sees the update hit their S6.

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