Download All of The Samsung Galaxy S8 Wallpapers

While we are still a few weeks out from the Samsung Galaxy S8 being shipped and available, that doesn’t mean you can’t get the look of it on your phone today.  I’ve not received and posted on the wallpaper page 18 new wallpapers that will be shipping with the Galaxy S8.  This brings the total to 21 with the three that were released earlier.  All of these new wallpapers are in QHD so you can put them on any device or tablet and enjoy some of the great looks.

For those of you who are not interested, I’ve purposely posted them after the break so you don’t have to wait for them to load in your browser, your mobile or in the app.  Those who are interested, tap the headline and you will be able to see them and download them.

The new wallpapers have a bit of a touch of the Galaxy S7 wallpapers (you can find them on the wallpaper page too) but there are also some new, landscape & star looks that are just great.  There are also some more abstract ones in the mix.  To download these, just right-click on your PC or Mac and save them.  If you are on your mobile, just tap the wallpaper to open it, then long press to download it to your device.   All of these are in 250×250 thumbnails to speed up loading but if you open them, you will get the full resolution.

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