Google Assistant Can Now Track Flight Costs

Google Assistant continues to gain power and knowledge, especially when it comes to integrating with other Google services.  The latest example has rolled out today and was announced on the Made by Google Twitter feed.  Now you can track flight costs from one point to another by simply giving a command.

How it works is straightforward.  Simply ask Google Assistant, “What is the cost from (A) to (B)” with A & B replaced with locations.  Assistant will then process the information and present you with all of your flight options.  By default it will give you flight information two weeks out but you can change this by including a specific date.  It will also give you the shortest flight time for the trip you have asked information on from Assistant.

If you are tracking the costs of a flight, Assistant will also email you when those fares drop.  It will be emailed to the account tied to Assistant on your phone or Google Home.  You can get quite

Track Flight Costs in Google Assistant

Track Flight Costs in Google Assistant

granular in your requests such as including specific airlines and specific dates.

The feature is live so you can give it a try on any device that has Google Assistant.

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