HBO Go Update Makes Binge Watching Easier

The HBO Go and HBO Now apps for Android have been updated and the changes are both visually and functionally.  The update is rolling out in the Play Store now and you are looking for version 10.0.  You’ll know that you have the update when you open the app and see a dramatically improved landing page in the app that has larger panels for the movies and shows available from the cable service.  Navigation in this new version is also improved and overall the performance of it has improved too.

Perhaps the biggest news in this update is a new auto-start of the next episode in a series.  In the old version of the app, you can to tap to start the next episode in a series in the app.  It works but if you are in proper binge watching mode, it is a bit annoying.

By default, the app will start the next episode in the series as soon as the one you are watching ends.  Functionally it is very similar to what other apps such as

HBO Go for Android

HBO Go for Android

Netflix do already.  For HBO Go and HBO Now, this is very much a catch up feature to other streaming apps but certainly welcome.

Another improvement for watchers is the app will now remember where you left off in a show or movie.  Again, a catch up feature as previously in the app, you would have to start at the beginning and forward your way to where you left off – or thereabouts as you never quite got it right.  No more.  Now if you leave a show you are watching, the next time you start the app and that show, it will pick up where you left off automatically.

The updated Go and Now apps should be hitting everyone who has the apps installed on their phones or tablets over the course of the next few days.  As a reminder, for those who subscribe to HBO through your cable or satellite television service, you want HBO Go as you can use your provider credentials to sign in and start watching.  If you don’t subscribe through your television provider, HBO Now is the app for you as it will allow you to subscribe within the app itself.  Subscriptions are $14.99/month with a free month to try it out.

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