Multiple Account Support Coming to Google Home

While the feature isn’t enabled yet, it appears that Google Home will soon be getting the ability to support multiple accounts.  As a Google Home Pioneer, if there are two feature requests that have been at the top of the list, it has been multiple account support and support for Exchange calendars.  The former, at least, appears to be nearly ready.  This is something that I also pointed out in my review of Google Home back in October as being something which Google needed to address.

If you aren’t familiar with Google Home, right now you can only associate one Google account with the device.  If, for example, you and your partner want to use Home, it will only give you the calendar and other personalized information for the first account setup on the device.  The issues with this are pretty self evident:  I can get my calendar’s next appointment but when my wife asks for her, she gets mine.  Even if you add a second account to the Home app, it will only give you the personalized information for the first account.

Starting today, along with moving your Google Assistant shopping list into the Home app, you will start to see a new card appear in the Discovery section of the app.  It quite clearly points out that

Multiple Account Support in Google Home

Multiple Account Support in Google Home

multiple accounts are supported.  At the time of this writing, the feature does not appear to be enabled – but likely will be shortly.  How exactly this will work is not clear but the assumption is that Google Home will recognize different user’s voice patterns and sort out who’s who.  But that’s my speculation & we will all likely find out over the course of this week.

Ultimately, this is good news and it will go a long way in making Home more of a “home” device and not a “personal” device.

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