Netflix Quietly Replaces Star Ratings for Thumbs Up or Down

In the latest update to the Netflix app for Android, there is a new and simpler rating system for content.  Gone are the up to 5 star ratings that users could give a television show, movie or Netflix original content.  Instead, it has been replaced with a thumbs up or thumbs down rating.  That’s it.  No middle ground.  It has become a binary “Did you like it or not?”  rating.

As you can guess, I’m not a fan.

I understand what the streaming content provider wants to do.  They want to make it less complicated for you to potentially try a TV show or movie.  Think about it: How many 3-star shows have you skipped over only to go back and watch it because it was recommended to you by a friend?  I know I’ve done it probably dozens of times over the years as a Netflix customer.  Which is exactly why they are getting rid of it.

But, generally speaking, I’ve found that most of those 3-star shows that I do end up watching are, well, worthy of 3 stars and no more.  Now I don’t have that granularity.  If there is a show that is

Netflix New Rating System

Netflix New Rating System

thumbs up, I will have to watch a bit of it to figure out if I really like it or not.  Making it even more challenging is that you can’t write a review up either.  Like I said, it’s binary.

Is it enough to make me cancel my Netflix subscription?  No but I think these types of rating systems do more harm than help for consumers.

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