OneDrive for Android Update Brings Offline Folder Support

Microsoft has rolled out another update to OneDrive for Android, bringing the ability to mark folders available for offline use.  The updated build is version 4.12 for those keeping score and is out in the Play Store now.  Expect the update to hit your devices over the course of the new few days.  The new offline folder feature is available for Office 365 Personal, Home and Solo users currently with support for work and education accounts “will be rolled out soon!”.  When is soon?  That’s not clear but given Microsoft’s consistent updating of their Android apps, likely not very long.

But not all is lost in this update for work and education users of OneDrive.  This update brings an updated design to the Discovery view which now gives you access to a feed of the most relevant content across your company or campus.


It is likely that a smaller, incremental update will bring the feature parity across all Office 365 user types in the coming weeks as the ability to have offline folders for work accounts will be a big want

OneDrive for Android

OneDrive for Android

from users today.

If you haven’t checked out OneDrive, it is a free cloud storage service from Microsoft.  It comes with 5GB for free with a 50GB account coming in at $1.99/month.  These two plans don’t require Office 365 but if you do have the productivity suite, you get a lot more storage, up to 1TB per user of the suite.  While the pricing models for Google Drive are better, especially now that they have a new 2TB tier, for those who are deep into the Microsoft ecosystem, OneDrive is a solid alternative.  You can download the app for free and sign up for service (using your Microsoft account) within the app.

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