T-Mobile Reports Over 1 Million New Customers in The Last Quarter

T-Mobile continues to be a growing force to reckon with here in the United States.  The carrier reported their last quarter financials yesterday and in it, pointed to so heady numbers both financially and with their customer base.  In the last quarter, the “uncarrier” added 1.1 million total new customers, 914,000 of which were postpay while an additional 386,000 were pre-pay thanks to the MetroPCS division.  That marks four years straight in which the carrier has added over 1 million new customers per quarter.  Perhaps even more impressive, the company only had a 1.18% churn rate (the rate of customers leaving) which is shockingly good for any service provider, let alone a mobile carrier.

Financially, the carrier is on solid footing.  T-Mobile reported $9.6 billion in total revenue with $698 million in net income.  That revenue number is an increase of 11% while the income was up 46%.  The company also has $1.7 billion in net cash available with $185 million in free cash flow.

In the earning report, the company also pointed to their recent purchase in the 600 MHz spectrum.  In all, T-Mobile purchased 31 MHz in the spectrum that will cover 100% of the United States and overall, they won 45% of the spectrum sold at auction.  The carrier is aiming to have at least 10 MHz coverage over one million square miles in 2017 and they expect deployment to start in the holiday season this year as phones capable of taking advantage of it will hit the market.

Overall, a solid earning report from T-Mobile and one that should put their competition on alert.  You can read all the details on the T-Mobile site.

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