Apple Maps Updated with Apple Park Campus Details

For those of you who have an iPhone, iPad or Mac, there is a fun update to Apple Maps for you today.  The server-side update will now show you all of the detail of the new Apple Park campus which is slated to open up next month.  The update shows you the estimated $5 billion “Spaceship” main building but also shows you the walking trails throughout the campus as well as the Steve Jobs Theater, the location where it is expect new Apple product releases will happen.

There is nothing you need to do to your iPhone, iPad or Mac.  The update is on the server so just go to Maps and search for Apple Park and you’ll get it right away.

By now, even if you are not an Apple fan, you have undoubtedly seen photos of the new Apple Park campus.  Having seen it up

Apple Park Campus in Apple Maps

Apple Park Campus in Apple Maps

close a couple of weeks ago, I can tell you, this place is stunningly huge.  It is by far the coolest building in Silicon Valley and it will be instantly iconic for decades to come.  The attention to detail in the building of this campus is extraordinary and, in that regard, is very Apple-eque.

For those of you who are Android users, Google Maps has not been updated with this level of detail yet.  It shows Apple Park (although you have to search for it by Apple Spaceship) but doesn’t have nearly the level of detail of walking paths, fountains and so forth like Apple Maps.  I suspect it won’t take long for the update to happen.

For those who don’t have an Apple device handy, the screenshot to the right shows you the details.

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