Google Photos Passes 1 Billion Downloads on Android

Google Photos has been getting a lot of attention in the past week.  The photo app was reported at Google I/O last week to have 500 million monthly users, had a new archive feature added, and a new photo book service where you can order a hardcover book of photos from your library.  All of this makes sense when you consider the update to the listing for the app in the Play Store.  Photos now has been downloaded 1 billion times for Android.

The update to the listing comes nearly two years to the day from when Google Photos was originally announced.  My fellow Google Top Contributor in Google Photos, Paolo Amoroso, reminded me this morning that the launch date of Photos was May 28, 2015.

In that two years, Photos has grown by virtually any measure.  It is far more reliable and stable, has added new features and has

Google Photos in the Play Store

Google Photos in the Play Store

improved on those features as it has matured.  It is also available for iOS so you can easily use it on your iPhone or iPad and have your photos on all your devices.

Google is hardly standing still however on Google Photos.  New features like being able to more easily share albums and identifying yourself within the app will make search results and auto-awesome creations even better.  If you haven’t tried the app, give it a go.  It is free in the Play Store.  If you need help with anything, just head over to the Google Photos forums.  There you will find a host of Top Contributors willing and able to help answer any questions.

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