Jamboard Now Available for Order for G Suite Customers

Back in March, at the Google Cloud Next event, Google announced a new whiteboard-meets-collaboration tool, Jamboard.  The 55″ 4K monitor comes with a stylus for interactions (it’s passive so no pairing required) and can even distinguish between the stylus and your finger.  Think of drawing with the stylus and erasing with a finger.

The idea is to increase productivity.  You have a whiteboard session that multiple users can interact with from different locations.  That includes Drive and the rest of G Suite. You can then collaborate seamlessly and has a built-in camera so it can be the center piece of a conference room.  While Google did not say specifically it was aimed at Surface Hub from Microsoft, it’s pretty clear this is aimed to take it on.

For those of you who are on G Suite, you can now call your Google Cloud partner or rep and order your Jamboard.  It costs $4999 plus an annual maintance fee of $600 ($300 if you order by September 30th).  If you want the rolling stand, that’s $1199 before September 30th, or $1399 afterward.

When I was at Google Cloud Next, I had an opportunity to demo and play with Jamboard and it is mighty impressive.  The fluidity of interacting with it is outstanding and the ability to easily share content across two Jamboards or with other services (like Google Drive or Docs) is equally impressive.

Google’s clear aim with this product is the enterprise so don’t expect a consumer model to pop-up anytime soon.  This is the same way that Microsoft has positioned Surface Hub too.  Sure, anyone can go get one but the enterprise customer is who will benefit the most.

To get more information, head over to the Jamboard site.  Curious to see it in action?  Check out this video from Google.


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