Netflix No Longer Installs on Rooted or Unlocked Devices

For those of you who have a rooted or bootloader unlocked phone, the Netflix app just got a bit more difficult to installed.  If your device rooted or unlocked, you will no longer be able to install it directly from the Google Play Store.  Netflix has confirmed to the team over at Android Police that they are fully reliant on the Widevine DRM provided by Google and thus, devices that are unlocked or rooted will no longer be able to install the latest app.  Widevine, for those that do not know, is a Google created DRM technology that works across multiple platforms.

The good news is that, for now, the app will still work if you have it installed already or you side load it.

The question however remains how long it will actually work.  It is possible that the app could eventually check the security level of your device and, if it is not met, could simply not run.  That’s not

Netflix for Android

Netflix for Android

happening in the latest build that was released this past week.

If you want to continue to download the Netflix app, you can do so outside of the Google Play Store.  The best site is APKMirror where you can side load the app.  Again, for now it works.  If Netflix alters the app to check the security level of your phone, you could be stuck with an older version of the app which doesn’t from that point forward.

Source:  Android Police

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