OneDrive Update Brings Offline Folder Support

The OneDrive app for Android has a new update rolling out in the Play Store.  The update, version 4.13 for those keeping score at home, brings a new offline folder feature and an improved Discover view for corporate and education Office 365 subscribers.  The new offline folder feature, however, is only for individual users.

In the last update to the app, users were able to select individual files that they wanted to keep offline.  The idea was to give users the ability to work on a file while they did not have Internet access then, when a connection was restored, the updated file would be uploaded to the cloud storage service automatically.  This is the exact same way it works in this update, only you can select an entire folder and all of its contents to be available offline.

To use the new feature, open up OneDrive on your phone then select the tap the information icon next to each folder in list view.  There you will see a “Keep offline” option which you can toggle off and on for the folder.  Unfortunately, for now, this feature is

OneDrive Offline Folder Settings

OneDrive Offline Folder Settings

only available to Office 365 Home, Professional and Solo subscribers.  It is not available for corporate or education subscribers – at least not yet.  Microsoft indicates that the feature will be coming to those customers shortly.

One feature that did come to corporate and education subscribers in this update is an improved Discover view.  This new view has been updated to show you more relevant files to your day-to-day work across your corporation or campus.

The version 4.13 update is rolling out now and everyone who has OneDrive installed on their phone or tablet should see the update over the course of the next few days.

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