Real Racing 3 Update Brings Le Mans Challenges Back to The Racing Sim

EA Sports has released a massive update to their racing sim game, Real Racing 3.  The update, as it has for the past four years about this time, brings challenges and cars focusing on the 24 Hours of Le Mans race.  That race happens June 17-18 in Le Mans, France.  This year, the updates and cars are spectacular for those who love the game.

First, the mighty Mazda 787B is now a part of the game.  This rotary engine racer won the 24 Hours race in 1991 and had a notable, unique sound (as most rotary engines).  But there is a lot more to this update including the Porsche 911 RSR which can be found in the Rennsport Redefined event in the sim as well as events for Scuderia Ferrari.

Other updates include cars that can be won in limited-time events.  These include the Jaguar XJR-9, the Porsche 962C and the

Real Racing 3 Update - May 2017

Real Racing 3 Update – May 2017

Caterham Seven.  Further, if you upgrade the Koenigsegg One:1 to is maximum, you will unlock the Exclusive series for that car.

Finally, there is a new Real Racing TV hub.  This is where you will find out in-game news and a significant improvement over the previous version’s news sections.

The update is rolling out now for those who have the game installed.  If you don’t have it, it is a freemium model so the download itself is free but there are plenty of in-app purchases.  The good news is that EA has made it easy to progress very far into the game without having to make those purchases – if you are patient.

Download Real Racing 3 in the Play Store

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