Screener Update Adds Notification Controls and Automatic Backgrounds

One of the most common questions I get about is how I make the screenshots that you see in reviews, how to’s and articles like this one.  The answer is Screener.  The app is made by Toastcode and they just released a nice update to the app in the Play Store.  The updated build is version 2.5 for those keeping score and it brings a redesigned user experience and some other nice features that make taking screenshots of you Android devices easy.  A bit about Screener.  It is an app that allows you to take a screenshot you have taken on your phone (most often this is the combination of Volume Down + Power button) and put that into a frame of a popular Android device (and iPhones too).  There are hundreds of frames, some of which are 3D, and there are frames for both phones and Android Wear devices.

This update to the app brings improved Notifications so you can be informed of when new device frames are available, app updates are available or other information from the developer.  You can now control which, if any, you get notifications for on your device.  To change this, go to Menu>Settings>Notifications.

Another new feature which Toastcode has been playing with incrementally in the last couple of builds of the app are automatic backgrounds.  The app analyzes the dominant colors in your

Screener for Android

Screener for Android

screenshot and tries to give you a good background automatically for that screenshot.  Overall it works well and often produces some great looking backgrounds to complement your shot.  You can still override this as you are creating your screenshot to whatever background color you desire.

There are other minor bug fixes and improvements in this update to Screener and Toastcode indicated in the release notes that this build preps the app for more device frames to be coming in short order to it.

If you need to make solid looking screenshots of your Android device, I highly recommend Screener.  It is a free app and available in the Play Store.  For those who have it installed already, look for an OTA update today or tomorrow to hit your device.

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