Chrome Browser Sees Another Minor Security Update

The Chromium team in Google has pushed out a minor update to the Chrome browser for PC, Mac and Linux.  The updated version 59.0.3071.104 has already started rolling out and brings a handful of security fixes to the browser.  Users are strongly encouraged to update to this version.  You can manually check for the update by typing chrome://help in the browser bar.

Of particular note is a high priority bug that allows code to “escape the sandbox” in IndexedDB.  Google paid a $10,500 bounty to the developer who found this (a reminder that Google does indeed pay for finding bugs in their code) and it along makes this update important.  There are also two other noted bugs in the release notes that are high or medium priority.

This minor update comes on the back of the big Chrome 59 update to the Chrome browser back on June 5th.  That release had a raft of bug fixes, performance improvements and brought a Material Design look to the Settings page by default.  The release of the browser update was quickly followed by updates for Chrome OS and Chrome for Android which brought all of them to the Chrome 59 train.

It is not known if this minor update to the browser will make its way to Android and Chrome OS, but it is likely.

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