Google WiFi Update Finally Brings IPv6 Support

Google has released an update to Google WiFi that, along with the latest firmware for your WiFi or OnHub devices, will allow you to enable IPv6 to your ISP.  For those who are not familiar with IPv6, it is a more advanced version of IPv4 (which you are likely using now) that uses 128-bit addressing of devices.  The theory is you can get more devices on the Internet because there is significantly more IP addresses available with v6.  The lack of IPv6 has been a contention point for many who use Google WiFi or OnHub as it is more secure and is somewhat of a checkbox requirement for a contemporary network device.

The update to bring IPv6 is a combination of firmware for the physical device itself, which is build 9460.40, and the updated app which is in the Play Store.

In addition to IPv6 support, the updated app also brings notifications for when your are about to pause your own device on your

IPv6 Support for Google WiFi

IPv6 Support for Google WiFi

network.  WiFi pause is a feature that has been in the app for a while, allow you to pause devices on your network from being able to access the Internet.  These are found in the Family Wi-Fi settings in the app.  Now you will get a notification if you are about to have your device paused.

Finally, there are also improvements in the network check results in the app.  This is more of a reliability update under the hood to give you more accurate results.

Remember that in order to use the Google WiFi app, you need to have the Google devices too, either WiFi or OnHub.  Right now you can pick them up on Amazon for less than you can from Google directly.  A 3-Pack of WiFi Hubs is $269 ($30 less than Google) while a single is $119, a $10 savings.

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