Chrome OS 59 Finally Comes to The Samsung Chromebook Pro

For those of you who have the Samsung Chromebook Pro, today’s a good day.  After a wait of some six weeks, Chrome OS 59 is finally shipping to your devices.  Build 59 was released back on June 12th and it was widely available for the majority of devices.  The Chromebook Pro was not on that list which, at the time, wasn’t a big shocker.  It, after all, is one of a handful of Chromebooks that runs Android apps natively and it was assumed the build would come for it in a week or two.  But it took a lot longer.

There is no official reason for why the delay happened but the update is now rolling out to these devices.  The team over at Chrome Unboxed have confirmed they received the update on their Samsung Chromebook Pro.  If you have the Chromebook Pro, just type chrome://help in the browser and check for the update to install it.

Like the Chrome 59 update for Android and the browser, Material Design is now enabled by default on the Settings in Chrome

Samsung Chromebook Pro

Samsung Chromebook Pro

OS.  Native printer support is also available now, not just Google Cloud Printing.  You can now setup a printer via IP address on your network and print directly to it from your Chromebook.  There are, of course, a wide range of security updates and bug fixes in this update too.

If you have a Chromebook Pro and get the update, let me know how it goes for you.

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