Google Improves AI-Laden Feed in Google App for Android

If you use the Pixel launcher or the Google app on your Android phone, you will have noted a few changes recently to the feed in apps.  The feed, which rolled out with the Google Now launcher, has slowly been improved to provide you more accurate or interesting information to you based on your habits.  Today, Google has pushed the big red button and with a server-side update, everyone’s feed is now showing these improvements.

Inside the Google app, you will see a much improved lists of articles and topics that are potentially of interest to you.  They did this by heavily leaning on Artificial Intelligence to bubble up things that you may find of interest based on other articles you have read or other interactions with Google along with local information on events happening around you.

The cool thing is, because it is AI driven, it will not remain stagnate.  For example, if you stop searching for Game of Thrones

Improved Google Feed

Improved Google Feed

spoilers, slowly those types of cards with your new show which you are looking for spoilers, American Gods.  It grows with you and gives you information based on your current interests.  Basically, the more you use Google, the more relevant the information will be to you.

Along with this change you will find carousels of cards for for things like sports teams.  There you can find the latest scores, highlights and game recaps.  This shrinks down the number of cards related to one topic so you are having to do a lot of up and down scrolling.

There is nothing you need to do on your side.  So long as you are running the latest version of the Google app, this new feed look will be there for you.

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