OpenTable Update Brings Waitlist Feature at Supporting Restaurants

OpenTable, the restaurant reservation and payment app, has a new update rolling out that brings a long awaited feature:  Waitlists.  The update is version 8.0 and for those who already have the app installed, you can expect the OTA update to come to you over the course of the next few days.  Once you have it, at a select number of restaurants, you will be able to apply to be put on the waitlist if there are no reservations available.  Then, if an opening happens, you will be notified of availability.

The new feature is not supported by all restaurants on OpenTable and right now it is pretty limited in scope.  That will change to more cities and restaurants as they add the waitlist feature to their options.

Beyond this new feature, the rest of this update is primarily focused on performance improvements and bug fixes.  The app went

OpenTable for Android

OpenTable for Android

through a major visual overhaul earlier this year and the company continues to tweak and improve on it.

If you haven’t tried OpenTable, give it a go.  It will allow you to make restaurant reservations from your phone and you earn points with each reservation you make.  Those points can be used for discounts at restaurants later.  It is a free app and a free service.

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