Acer Chromebook 15 Gets Revamped in a Serious Way

Acer has announced today that a new Acer Chromebook 15 is coming in October.  The newest addition to their Chromebook lineup will come in two variants, a non-touchscreen and touchscreen, will have up to 12 hours of battery life, a Full HD display and now sports an all aluminum chassis.  It is a big step up from the current generation of Acer 15″ Chromebook.

The new Chromebook 15 will have 1920 x 1080 resolution 15.6″ IPS display and has MacBook Pro style upward facing speakers next to the keyboard.  It has USB-C connectivity for charging, a SD card slot that supports up to a 128GB card.


As you would expect, the new Acer Chromebook 15 will support Android apps out-of-the-box.  This is now a requirement for Chromebooks from Google.  With a touchscreen as an option, that makes Android apps a viable option for users.

In addition to the touchscreen option, there will be processor, RAM and storage options on this new Chromebook.  It can be powered by either an Intel Celeron processor or an Intel Pentium processor with the option of either 4GB or 8GB of RAM.  Acer is aiming this to be a primary computing device so no wimpy 2GB model will be offered.  Storage can be either 32GB or 64GB.

Pricing will start at $399 for the base model (non-touchscreen, Intel Celeron, 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage) and will be available in October both in the United States and in Europe.  Expect it to be available from Acer directly and Best Buy initially here in the US with further expansion later.


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