Blackberry KEYone Coming to AT&T September 1st

AT&T has announced that the Blackberry KEYone will be coming to the carrier starting September 1st in an exclusive color.  The phone will be available in Space Black and will be priced at $16.67 per month for 30 months.  That adds up to just over $500 which is less than the unlocked GSM version which is $619.99 on Amazon.

For those that don’t recall, the Blackberry KEYone is a 4.5″ device that is powered by the Snadragon 625 processor.  It has 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage.  It runs Android Nougat 7.1.1 out of the box and has the same cameras as you will find in the Google Pixel and Pixel XL.  It is powered by a 3505mAh battery and has a physical QUERTY keyboard.

The main camera on the KEYone is a 12MP shooter that has Sony technology & optics.

The storage on the KEYone is expandable thanks to the MicroSD slot and charging is done via the USB-C connector.

AT&T did not indicate a price for the phone to purchase outright so it will be on September 1st when we find out that detail.  As you may recall, the Blackberry KEYone is slated to receive an update to Android Oreo at some point but when exactly is unclear and it will almost certainly be some time later before the AT&T version gets the update.

AT&T has not added the KEYone to their mobile device pages yet which likely means that they won’t be taking pre-orders for the phone.  Since it was released earlier this year, there is likely plenty of stock, even with the new color scheme.

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