Blackberry KEYone To See Android Oreo Update – Sometime

The good news:  Blackberry has confirmed that the KEYone will receive an update to Android Oreo, the latest version of Android released yesterday.

The bad news:  Absolutely no clue when it will happen, joining a slew of other manufactures who plan on but haven’t committed dates for the update.

Android Oreo started rolling out to Google devices yesterday (specifically, those who were registered in the Android Beta program) with a broader rollout happening “soon”.  Several manufactures including HTC, Huawei, Samsung and Sony have already said they will be coming out with update to Android 8.0 but they, like Blackberry, haven’t committed to a date.  That means it could be months away.

The problem with Oreo updates is the same that has been the challenge for Android for years and while Google themselves are trying to get updates out faster with technology like Project Treble, we are still a far cry from having a mass update ala iOS.  There are still a multitude of 2016-2017 devices that haven’t received the Nougat update so yes, work very much still to be done on the upgrade front.

Still, it isn’t all doom-and-gloom.  With Blackberry committing to update their flagship device, it means that it is likely to get security updates and other critical patches for at least another year.  That’s always a good thing for users.


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