Google Play Now Lets You Sort Your Installed Apps

Over the course of the past few weeks, Google has been doing a lot of tinkering with various apps and services for Android.  One of these tweaks, in the Google Play Store app, is the ability to sort your installed apps.

In the Google Play Store app, you have always been able to see your installed apps on your phone or tablet by going to My apps & games then to the Installed tab.  There you would see the number of apps you have installed on your device and they would be presented to you in the order of last updated.  Now you can change that sorting.  Next to your app’s total app count, there is a new pull down that allows you to sort your apps four ways:  Alphabetical, Last Updated, Last Used and Size.

The new feature is handy when it comes to finding that app that is taking up a lot of space (Size) on your phone, or if you are looking for apps that you just don’t use

Google Play Store Installed App Sorting

Google Play Store Installed App Sorting

much (Last Used) to uninstall to give yourself more storage for apps that you do use regularly.

The new sorting feature in the Google Play Store app isn’t out for everyone yet but it is more widely available.  This is a server side change so as long as you have kept the app itself up-to-date on your phone, eventually it will make its way to you.

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