Latest Microsoft To-Do Update Improves In-App Searches

Microsoft has released a significant update to the task management app, Microsoft To-Do, for Android.  The updated build is version 1.11.29 for those keeping score at home and brings some nice improvements and new features.

First, and for those who have managed accounts (like Office 365) you can now add those accounts to To-Do.  Previously, the app would only work with or accounts which was fine, but if you want to have all of your information within your Office 365 account, you couldn’t do it.  In order for this feature to work, you must have To-Do enabled on your account which is something that your administrator will need to do if you can’t sign in with your managed account credentials.  Also keep in mind that if you are adding a managed account, permissions to your Contacts will be required for it to work properly.

The ability to integrate with Office 365 accounts was something that the company said would be coming when the announced the original preview of Microsoft To-Do back in April.

Second, search within Microsoft To-Do is significantly improved.  If you have been using the app for a while and have multiple lists with hundreds of entries, finding that older to-do can be a real challenge.  This update makes the search results far more accurate and helpful.

For that matter, Suggestions have also been improved in this update with more accurate suggested tasks and the ability to quickly add new tasks to your lists.

As you would expect, there are other under-the-hood improvements in this update.  Microsoft did not outline specifically what was addressed in the Release Notes for the app.

If you have not tried To-Do and are looking for a solid performing task management app, give it a try.  It is a free download in the Play Store and has a lot of customizing UI features to make it more personalized.

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