Microsoft Bing Now Sits at 33% Market Share in The US

Microsoft Bing is a mirror reflection to a large degree with that of Microsoft’s mobile device strategy.  It’s been hyped, gutted and updates numerous times and, at one point, somewhat left for dead.  But unlike Microsoft’s mobile device strategy, Bing survived and is now thriving thanks to continual nurturing from Microsoft and more users coming to it for their search and news needs.

On Thursday of last week, Bing tweeted out two stats about the search engine during a webcast they were having at the time.  The first tweet highlighted not only the 33% market share in the US, but the market share in other countries.

This is interesting in that we normally don’t see a country-by-country breakdown of this information.  As you can see, the US had the biggest market share with Taiwan at 26% and the UK at 23%.

The second Tweet was even more interesting.  It gave a global breakdown of the market share but also the number of searches done using Microsoft Bing in those countries.

Again, take a look at the United States. 5 billion searches are done monthly using Microsoft Bing with 12 billion happening globally each month.  Those are impressive stats no matter how you slice them.

It should be noted that these figures presented by Microsoft include all Bing related searches be it from other companies who power their searches with Bing or Microsoft Bing itself from PCs, browsers and mobile searches.

Have you given Bing a try lately?  If so, what do you think of it?  The Android app has gone through some pretty big UI changes in the last few months and Cortana can now be your default assistant which leverages Bing on your Android phone.


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