Microsoft To-Do Update Brings User Specific Improvements

The Android apps team over at Microsoft has been busy and has rolled out another update to the popular Microsoft To-Do app.  This is the second update to this app this month and more-or-less is a package of refinements on the new features that were introduced earlier this month.

The updated build is version 1.12.32 for those keeping score at home.  If you have the app already installed on your Android phone or tablet, the update should come to you over the course of the next few days via an OTA update.  For those who haven’t installed it, you can download it free from the Play Store.

This update focuses on refinements.  In the last update, the ability to search notes came to the app but with this update, To-Do will now show you the titled of a To-Do title of a particular note.  In other words, it makes finding all of your notes in Microsoft To-Do a bit more reliable.

The Microsoft team has also improved the sign in button on the app.  Users complained that it was too small so the team made it a big bigger and easier to tap.  Microsoft also fixed an annoying bug (well, it was a feature but it acted like a bug) of deleting notes offline.  In the previous versions of Microsoft To-Do, if you deleted a note while you were offline, when you went online, it would reappear.  That has been fixed and if you delete a note, regardless of if you are online or offline, the note is deleted.

Finally, search functionality on Android tablets has been improved in this update.  The last update made it look elongated (as if it wasn’t designed for a tablet UI) but that has been fixed in this update.

If you are looking for a good task management option for your Android phone or tablet, give Microsoft To-Do a try.  It syncs with your Microsoft or other managed account (Office 365) and is available across multiple platforms for easy management no matter the device you are using at the time.


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