OK Google, Take A Screenshot Command Now Available

There is a new command in Google Assistant that makes taking a screenshot of your phone even easier.  Now you can either long press the home button on your phone or simply saying “OK Google, take a screenshot” to capture display on your phone.

The ability to capture a screenshot on virtually any Android phone (or tablet for that matter) has been available for a long time through the button combination of Power+Volume Down and it remains so today.  Further, many manufactures have included a shortcut in the Notification Shade for easy screenshots (Huawei and Lenovo for example).  Even Google at one point had a screenshot option in Google Now but none of these have been voice enabled to this point.

The nice thing about the “OK Google, take a screenshot command” it is cleans things up a bit.  Take a look at the screenshot I have in this article.  Note that all of the notification icons are gone as are other icons in my notification bar.  If

Screenshot from OK Google

Screenshot from OK Google

you use the Power+Volume Down feature, those icons remain.

This new feature of Google Assistant is something that is changing on the server side.  So long as you have the latest Google Play Services on your phone and the latest Google app, you will be good-to-go.  You’ll know you have it when you can say “OK Google, take a screenshot”.  After the screenshot is taken, the sharing page is displayed so you can immediately share that screenshot with others.

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